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Think Big. Go Small.


There’s an elegance that comes with simplicity. A focus that can only be achieved through subtraction. Companies regularly push to “do more with less”. What if instead, they tried to do less and focus more?

Spotify is great because it just focuses on music. Twitter because they just focus on quick communication.

When you try to do everything you fail at everything – like a movie with too many plot lines.

Doing less doesn’t mean thinking small. It doesn’t mean being “risk adverse”, “conservative” or “unimaginative”. The best organizations push the limits of possibility in select areas. The best products and services follow this same pattern.

Think big. Go small.

The web gives anyone with an idea a chance to make something more. Too often those ideas become creations that are corrupt with extras that detract from their core. It’s easier to add than it is to subtract – but often it’s better to subtract than it is to add.

Don’t cut for the sake of cutting, just ask “why” more often. Why do we have that many products? Why is this feature here? Why does that page say that?


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