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Technology is Changing (Us)


To her, the magazine is a broken iPad.

There’s a whole generation growing up in an integrated digital world. They never knew what it was like to have a phone with a cord or subscribe to a newspaper. They get their news on Twitter, shop from their phones and are connected 24/7. Right now, there are people talking about all of your clients and visiting all of their web properties from devices of all shapes and sizes. We have a responsibility to think about that and do something about it.

In advertising we regularly hear about the increasing use of technology and growth of digital. In fact, we hear it so often that it’s easy for us to become jaded. To start taking all this digital stuff for granted and lose touch with the reality of our audience’s experience. From time to time we need to be able to take a step back and consider the impact these advancements have on how content is consumed and interactions happen.¬†It’s our job to be amazed. To really think about how the technology we hear about, read about and use everyday affects the way we communicate with people.

In the past we looked to the future and predicted that the line between the physical world and the digital world would begin to blur. That future is here. For a whole generation: that line doesn’t even exist.


For those that prefer a statistical perspective; recently¬†venture capitalist Mary Meeker gave a presentation on the state of tech industry. Business Insider has pulled out 10 slides from that presentation that they consider to be “can’t miss”. They cover everything from consumer confidence and ecommerce to mobile and technology.


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