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SXSW Day 4 – Make or Buy? Is In-House Video Right for You?


Make or Buy? Is In-House Video Right for You?

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Note: This session was to billed as being about in-house vs outsourced video production. However the team from @SolarWinds, while very knowledgeable and successful in creating their own in-house production capability, had very little to say about outsourcing video production. Their own outsourced experience was all negative and all their comparisons and anecdotes skewed very strongly towards the benefits of using in-house production.

That being said; they did end up sharing a lot of great video content best practices and definitely had good advice for those attempting to start their in-house production.

Video is the fastest growing type of content on the web. It’s in-demand and expected by users. Entertainment and learning are the two leading drivers of video content consumption. If your video is embedded on a page it’s 70% more likely to show up in YouTube. Think of YouTube as a marketing channel. Establish goals, budgets and understand it’s place in your conversion funnel.

When it comes to making videos: Examples of failures are super important to helping people understand when something is a bad idea. Analytics and knowing your history of them are key when deciding what to try next.

Length is one of the single biggest ways users determine video value. When it comes to length: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Sometimes a long video is what they want and need. But it’s all about the content. If your content is something that users are super motivated to see then you have to keep it short. ( < 90 seconds) The more motivated your audience is the longer the video can be.

When it comes to the question of in-house or outsourced video production balance objectives, barriers and cost (like with everything else).

Outsourced Production

Pros: quality, equipment, professional talent and bandwidth.
Cons: lack of agility, lack of spontaneity, limited quantity, less knowledgeable about your biz and expensive.

In-House Production

Pros: Flexible and spontaneous, any number, any time, low cost, brand/product knowledge quick turn around.
Cons: studio and editing costs are big, training is needed, quality limitations, extra time and effort to make.

If you’re looking to build an in-house video production capability don’t try to bite off all of it at once. Start with the necessities. Talent 1st, then equipment. Great talent can overcome lower production quality.

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