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SXSW 2014 – Day 2 Recap: Location Based Marketing


Location Based Marketing: Beyond Advertising

Hashtag: #mobilesat

Definition of mobile marketing: The intersection of people, places and media.

48% of people say that mobile information effects their purchase decision.
19% of people make impulse purchase after seeing a mobile digital ad.

Mobile usage is not a fringe case – it is overwhelmingly one of the key access points to the web.

46% of people use it during social events
57% while commuting
81% while laying in bed
83% while waiting for something
61% while watching TV
43% while shopping

With this level of usage in this variety of places there is a huge opportunity to give people highly relevant mobile experiences. Relevant experiences hinge on having great meaningful content and the keys to that are knowing the user and their location. Privacy is always a concern when it comes to knowing personal information and location; but those concerns are just an exchange against value. If the value proposition is well understood then people will share. Today’s users are realizing that their personal data is worth something. And are smarter about what they will share with brands.

So while privacy holds us back in some situations; timeliness, relevance and frequency matter just as much. We can’t bombard users. Provide meaningful, contextually relevant experiences – not spam and gimmicks. Users opting out of sharing the information we need to create relevance can be a concern but the desire for opt-out goes away once the value proposition is understood.

Great mobile marketing creates situations where your location, data and personal information can work together to create experiences that are contextually delightful. Experiences that feel organic to the individual and provide real value to them by understanding the contexts of who you are, where you are and what you care about. When locations know your device & your device knows you; they create contextually delightful moments. (I.E. You get a reminder to set a doctor’s appointment because your device knows the last time you went to the doctor, how old you are and what medications you take.)

In order to make this happen we must stop thinking of mobile marketing as “ad units”. We must be thinking about them as experiences that leverage device capabilities. Go beyond the simple push of a message. Think about how location, time and action connect when marketing mobile.

The biggest barriers that exist today are investment for systems and solid strategy. Not technology or audience. Of course years of failed or less than stellar industry buzzwords that have led to little trust in new marketing technologies. Because of this location marketing is finding it hard to get traction. However, that also it is fertile ground to create stellar use cases. Anything great in this space has a chance to become the marquee example of how awesome it can be when People, Places and Media intersect.

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