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SXSW 2014 – Day 1 Recap


Here’s my notes from Day One at SXSW 2014. Covering Brands, Wearable Tech, Realtime Marketing and Big Data. Enjoy!

Should brands be part of the Realtime conversation?

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Yes! They should. But you must have the right conversation that matches your brand. Don’t try to talk to everyone, talk to your audience about what they care about.

It’s not always about selling. It’s about connecting with the audience. Brands can do this everyday but they have to be paying attention. (Monitor and react)

You find those opportunists at the crossroad of existing customer conversation and business stories.

2014-03-07 11.17.17There is no sure-fire way to run a real time marketing practice. Companies have to develop a system that works for them. But a common thread: get legal involved and don’t shy away from the barriers.

Plan for spontaneity. Identify the barriers that exist and address them head on. (I.E. Corporate guidelines and legal team involvement. Staff training. Make a rule book.)

Dell’s Structure:

2014-03-07 11.23.53


There is no solid definition of Big data. It really just means: we’ve got a lot of information and we can analyze it. The goal is to use that data to find opportunities to unlock things that didn’t exist before.The phrase Big Data is sexy. But in order to be relevant big data has to get small. Such as you personal information, behavior and preferences. Think: fitbit/nike+ tracking, music preferences and habits, personal behaviors and connections.

The anonymized sharing of large customer data sets is a huge business opportunity for many companies. For example: Nike knows when people workout and Spotify knows what they are listening to. Correlations between those two data sets and consumer behavior opens up new pathways to engaging someone at exactly the right moment with the right offer.

A privacy balance is needed but clear communication of why and how that data will be used has shown to alleviate those concerns.

Brands and Wearable Tech

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Brands like PGA are using wearable a to unlock a new layer of experience for their players and their audience. Wearables give people a chance to step into the shoes of another person. (Example: A live Google Glass steam of a PGA player’s back nine) Brands based on experience are fertile ground for wearable tech.Wearables, like Google Glass, Nike Fuelband, Fitbit or Galaxy Gear, won’t replace our other devices. They will augment them. This augmentation may seem odd now. But will likely be ubiquitous in the next few years. We should start thinking about how people can use them now so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the mobile revolution.

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