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When it comes to creating websites a common misconception is that the mobile site should be less robust than it’s desktop equivalent. Well that seems a bit silly. That’s like saying that people from Kansas are only interested in information about corn. It doesn’t matter where someone is or what device is near them, they still want the same thing.

That thing could be technical specs, product catalogs, a long winded article about economics, sports scores or cat videos. They could be on their couch, at their desk, in the car, on a train; anywhere. They still want the same stuff and their going to grab whatever device they have near them to get to that stuff.

The idea of a “lean forward” / “lean back” experience is antiquated, so is the idea of the “on the go” mobile user. Those ideas were created years ago by a mis-guided industry that didn’t understand how to use their new shiny toy of “mobile”.

So, stop dumbing it down for your so-called “mobile” visitors. Who are you to tell them what they want to see? That’s device-ism and it’s wrong.

Context changes; intent does not. 


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