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Being Productive


Usually I reserve this space to talk about what I am working on. But lately I have been spending so much time working that I feel like thinking about WHAT I’m working on might drive me crazy. Now, I could just not write anything at all, however I feel as though I have stumbled upon something that helps me be the most productive person I can and I want to share it.

The answer I found to being productive is: Don’t.

What I really mean is don’t force it. We’ve all spent time sitting and thinking about what we need to get done, analyzing and disecting the steps we need to take. While all that work can be chalked up to planning. It could also be considered delaying. Don’t get me wrong, planning is a crucial step to getting anything done and making sure you know how to proceed is crucial to getting it right. But chances are that if you’re honest with yourself you realize that a lot of the time planning is really just procrastinating.

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