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Thoughts on the web.

Who I Am.

Hi, I’m Adam. I live near Chicago and I make things for the web. I also take pictures & show them on flickr and think things & write them on twitter.

I like wit, tacos, mixed drinks and #goodweb.

I’ve been working on the web for the last 14 years to help clients find and engage audiences using digital channels. Over that time I’ve helped brands like Wahl, Yamaha, Chicago Blackhawks, Turtle Wax and BCBS, not to mention countless small businesses.

My lofty career goal is to help make the web more awesome, one experience at a time. To do that requires planning and creating digital executions that perfectly meet the needs of the user and the business. All while hitting the impressively high-bar set by the industry.

Director of Digital Strategy & UX at HY Connect.

Co-founder of Twitwit Games and HippoGift.

Co-host of the podcast WhatTheGrok.


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